Our New House: A "Before" House Tour

Hang on to your keyboards because I've got picture overload for you today!

As y'all know, David, HDawg, Tucker and I packed up last weekend and moved. In this post, I shared an update on the status of selling our old house and our plans to move from our current rental house (let's keep calling her the "Rental House") to a new house pretty quickly because of some mold issues in the Rental House. Well, that wasn't a lie. Within weeks, we picked out a new home and moved!

David and I decided that, because our old house is not technically sold but, rather, is under a lease-purchase contract (read more about that here), it was smart to rent another home ourselves instead of purchasing. In addition to our old house, we own an investment rental property. There's no reason why we need to own three houses! So, renting again, we are. It's a little sad that we aren't fully settled into a home that we plan to stay in for a million more years and that we'll be bringing baby bean #2 home to a temporary house. But it's definitely a place that we feel happy at (already!) and we plan to stay here for a couple of years, at least.

A big difference for us with the move is location. In order to get situated in a good school district and to find better housing for cheaper, David and I decided to jump back out of city and into the suburbs. We're closer to his job (and HDawg's daycare), which is great. But, we're farther away from most of our friends and family, which is daunting. Luckily, it's just a rental house, so if we hate it in this area, we can always relocate back to the city!

Anyways, enough chatter, right? Let's dive into some photos of the new house! I'm still contemplating what kind of nickname it should get here on the blog... any suggestions?

... and yes, my camera was packed away so these are all just iPhone shots...

Without further ado, our new kitchen!

The kitchen has soooo much more counter space than the previous rental house. And that island! Love. Don't worry, the previous tenant's ugly maroon curtains have already been torn down ; )

The downstairs of this home is very open. The kitchen opens directly into a breakfast/eating area, which directly opens up into the living room space.

There are THREE pantries in the kitchen/breakfast room area. Hellooooo, storage!

The living room isn't huge, but it's open and filled with beautiful sunlight.

To the back of the living room is another room we'll use as an office/play room space. More on that below.

The view back from the living room to the kitchen.

We have stairs! After eight years of living in a ranch, David and I are finally in a two-story home. Woot!

Here's the office/play room space... with more ugly incredible curtains.

The dining room.

There's a powder room downstairs, which is awesome for guests. And for the pregnant chick who has to pee every five seconds.

We've got a mudroom + laundry room + hallway out to the garage. It's clearly a tight space (the washer and dryer are behind the curtain), but with some effective space planning, it should be a good space after I get my hands on it!

Oh yeah... we have a garage! 

This is the view of the stairwell, looking down.

And the upstairs hallway.

The master bedroom and bathroom are killer. A ton of space and big, beautiful vaulted ceilings!

HDawg also gets a big room! It's technically a "bonus" room so it's extra, extra size. I think it's just about as big as the master bedroom! He loves it : )

We've also got two more bedrooms... a guest bedroom and a nursery!... and another full bath upstairs.

The guest bedroom has a window seat!

I think one of my favorite parts of the new place is the front porch. Lots of good front-porch sitting to be done out here, don't you think?

So there you have it! Our new house tour. Bet you can't wait to see it chock full with our furniture, right?! Hey, me too. It will be so nice to get settled. I think we're going to be so happy here!


  1. That house has a great layout - I think your growing family will make this home a true gem! Can't wait to see what you do with it! xo

  2. Looks awesome!! Cant wait to see what all you do with it!!!

  3. We are still in the renting phase but need more space... I'd love to find a house like that to rent!

  4. What a beautiful home. So much space, which is really nice. I love the front porch too!! I wish we had one although I wouldn't trade in our huge backyard, but it would be nice. I think it's fantastic that you will get to test out living in town and in the suburbs and see which you like best before buying. I know it's a pain to keep moving, but I think it's nice you get to do that before commiting to one area. Best wishes with the move!

  5. Love the new pad! So much great space!

    And that front porch is awesome!

  6. So exciting! Your new place is so nice! Renting isn't all that bad, and I'm sure you will be able to make it your own with your great decorating skills. Can't wait to see it lived in!

  7. it is a great house Michelle. And, I know y'all are happy to be settled for a bit.

  8. I love your new space! Such a beautiful house! I can't wait to see how you make it your home! Exciting! Have a wonderful week.

  9. The ceilings are impressive! It looks nice & open too. Great find!

  10. AAhhhh!!! I love it! So big and spacious! Perfect for your growing family and looks updated and CLEAN! So happy for you guys! Can't wait to see how you touch it up! :)

  11. ohmygosh -- I'm so so happy for you guys!!! That place is amazing...so perfect for a family of 4!!! Can't wait to see you make it your own! xoxoxo


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