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Can I please take a second to brag on my little cousin? Let me start by saying that without her, I wouldn't have been able to choreograph Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" to perform in front of at least fifty different family members at a holiday get-together. I also probably wouldn't have held up for the week long summer visits to Nana's house without her company. And, I certainly wouldn't have made it through my "heathen" years without someone going through all of the same things! As our Nana would say: "jumpin Jehova, girls!"

But now, my little cousin (who, by the way, has a name- Kendall Kent Hudgins) is all grown up. Even though she's currently busy pursuing a degree in dental hygiene, Kendall manages to find time for a photography business: Kendall Hudgins Photography. While her photography work began as a hobby, she has grown into a very professional and gifted artist. Her growing talent constantly amazes me!

A few weeks ago, she and her sister (my other beautifully talented cousin, Kelsey) were in town visiting David and I, so we decided to take some shots of us, our new home, our pups, and the new city that we're living in. I just HAVE to share some of these pictures to showcase how incredibly talented she is.

Before we start, let me give you a sappy alert! I'm about to show you lots of dorky pictures of me & the hubs holding hands, strolling through our neighborhood park, kissing, etc. Whaaaaaaat, he's cute, I can't help myself!! :)

Here are a few that she took at our house:

Seriously?! How GOOD is she!! If any of you out there want to set up a shoot with her (she does weddings, family pictures, engagement pictures, senior portraits, baby pictures- the whole spectrum!), I highly suggest it! Kendall is currently living in Dallas, Texas but travels back to Georgia often. Again, here is her site: Kendall Hudgins Photography.

You'll see that I updated my About section with some of the pictures from our shoot with Kendall. And don't you worry- lots of these pictures will pop up around our house in many upcoming projects! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and I'm so happy to share her talent with all of you!

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