Where Do You Blog? Party

I'm excited to link up to Kate's "Where Do You Blog?" party today over on her blog, Centsational Girl. It's been pretty fun to look through pictures and see where other bloggers spend hours doing their blog thing. There are some beautiful office spaces out there! 

But my favorite parts of this link party have been the honest answers- the bloggers who are not writing at their beautiful office spaces or in their fancy libraries, but those who are blogging away at their kitchen counters, on their back porches, or even tucked away behind their covers!

So, while I'd like to say that I blog here in my wonderful office space...

[I mean, hellooo, check out my view from the office!]

... I'll be honest and let you know that most of the time I blog in my pajamas on my couch! After a long day at work (where I sit at a desk, in a suit allllll day) I love to sit back on my huge couch with my hubby and my dogs in the room with me.

Hi, I am a dork :) But it's the truth!! So spill the beans... where do you blog or surf the Internet?


  1. I just found you through Centsational link - this is an awesome room, and i wouldn't be getting any work done with that view.

  2. Beautiful room! I'm a sucker for stripes. And I'd get distracted with the view too:)

  3. Would it be ok if I just crashed your office? It is BREATHTAKING!!!! Love the house tour. I can not wait to go gawk...I mean browse your little blog world. :)


  4. Hi Michelle! Hopping over from the link party! Cute office space, but I'm with you on couch blogging! So comfy! :) Gonna go check out the rest of your great blog!

  5. I also love the honesty! I love the stripes in the office, they are really bold but the color is perfect! I also blog from the couch!

    Oh, I signed up to follow you blog, it's cute.

  6. Those stripes pulled me right in. Lovely space.

    I'd love you to link up with my Simple Pleasures series some Thursday.

  7. Thanks so much! I appreciate the love on a post where I'm wearing my pajamas! :) It's so nice to have all of you reading! And I always love comments, so keep on posting them!! Enjoy!

    xo- M

  8. OHHH I do love your office but your couch looks SO comfy! I'm so very in love with your carpet! IT'S fabulous!!! ...isn't this a GREAT party?

  9. Ooh, love those stripes! Our office is in progress, I will have to keep your stripe idea in mind, and I love that you blog on the couch, I write my ideas in my blackberry (wherever I may be) and then turn them into posts when I'm at a computer. *Amy

  10. Your striped office is so beautiful, but I can totally understand the appeal of the couch :)

  11. Wow, it looks relaxing no matter where you chose to blog from.

  12. Love your stripes!!! I'm hooked on them lately too.

    ps -- you are too cute!

    xoxo, cassie

  13. Your office is beautiful! I love the stripes and that desk is awesome.

  14. Love your blog space!!! Where did you get your yellow rug? Happy Blogging?

  15. Thanks so much, everyone! We love our office stripes :) I think I'll do a post sometime next week on the "how to" behind the stripes... it is not an easy task!

    Amy- the yellow rug is from Pottery Barn... it is a discontinued style that I found on EBay. And there's actually a pretty funny story about finding this rug here:


    You'll have to check it out!! :) Thanks again for all of the comments- keep them coming! Have a great day, ladies!

  16. Awesome Michelle !!! Love how frank you are ! Killer view by the way, I'm longing to jump in. How incredible is your sunny yellow lattice rug ? Heart !! Thanks so much for linkin up, the wall stripes in your office are gorgeous !


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