My girl, Katelyn.

And because I don't ever talk about my friends on the blog without sharing an old picture of us, here goes:

Prior to hosting our group of girlfriends last weekend (for a couples shower honoring our
lovely friend, Kacey, who is getting married in TWO WEEKS!),
Katelyn decided to do a mini-makeover of her already gorgeous living room.

And the result?

I knowwwww, right? Adorable! Here's the low down on her transformation.

This is Katelyn's living room when they (they being her and her husband, Max) moved in.


And her decor as of a few weeks ago.

And now!


Katelyn and her mom (hi, Lea!!) thrifted the chair under the window.
A coat of white paint and some fabric later, they had this beauty.

And check out the new pillows Katelyn and Lea made.

So fresh and bright, isn't it? My kind of girl.

Remember over the holidays, when I shared Katelyn's Christmas decorations with you? And all of you said "oooh, she should get a blog!" Well guess what? She did! Go check it out.

She also just posted on the couples shower here. Lots of good party hosting ideas
(and cute pics of me and my friends, like this one!)

(I'm second from the left, Kate is second from the right!)

How much do you love Katelyn's living room?? I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend!

Happy Friday to everyone! Have a faaaaaaaabulous weekend : )


  1. That looks amaze! I heart the new chair and pink pillows. The room has such a fresh vibe now!

  2. that new chair is the CUTEST! love it!

    Happy Friday my dear! xo!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  3. THAT ROOM!!! So beautiful!! You girls are crazy talented :) xo

  4. What a pretty living room and I love the pops of pink in her pillows and her green lamp shades! She did a great job on that chair. Her room is very fresh and bright! Have a great weekend!

  5. Just darling. I love the lamps! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, my friend {cute picture of you two!}

  6. I like the before, but I love the more eclectic after with its little pops of happy color.

  7. Love the picture of you guys! What a great makeover. She did a fabulous job. Love the new mirror!!

  8. Oh how cute - I love it when good friends and really good friends! Great room!

  9. Adorable! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to check out her blog! :)

  10. I'm loving her house...SO pretty!

    On a random note, I have the dress you're wearing in that first picture :) I love it!

  11. Thanks Michelle! So nice of you to highlight katelyn's blog! Can't wait to see your spring updates.

  12. That after is fabulous! Such fun fabrics. And they did a great job on that chair!

  13. hey friend just wanted to tell you I have an award for you. come check it out!

  14. Ya'll are too cute Michelle! And your friend's house is adorable. Makes me want to make some pillows myself. SO glad you shared :)

  15. It looks adorable! I love the little occasional chair on the right. Cute pictures too : ) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Michelle!

  16. the room looked great before, but with a few simple changes, it looks even better!! LOVING the new mirror!!
    hope you had a great weekend!!

  17. Loving the fresh pops of color! So fun. And...also loving your friend Kacey's name!

    :) Kacey


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