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Yesterday was definitely a good blog day. For those of you non-tweeters, I'll fill you in. Basically, Jillian Harris and I are new best friends. Really! Or maybe she just tweeted me about yesterday's post on her condo makeover, either way. And I think she said my blog was cute. Oh yeah. How sweet is that?! I was pumped : )

Today I'm back atcha with another e-design mood board! 

This one is for my girl, Tana. She emailed me and asked for some help with her dining room/living room space. Here's the basic rundown: she wants lots of pops of color to add to the neutral furniture and walls she's already got. Her main goal is to incorporate the two rooms and add a bit of a sophisticated touch. 

My inspiration for the room is this color palette.

And here are some photos of the current space.

And here are my plans for the dining room space.

 1- These adorable chevron curtains will add a little punch to the neutral walls. 
I opted for a big pattern, rather than a big color,so that I wouldn't be competing with the other bright 
colors in the room. Tana can DIY the curtains (just like Danielle did with the curtains pictured) and put them along the adjacent living room windows, as well. 

2- Even though there is a lot of neutral in the room already, this neutral rug will allow for a fun, 
colorful rug in the living room (see below for more on the living room plan).

3- In the spirit of using what she's got, I thought Tana could spruce up her current chandelier 
with a coat of fresh, white spray paint. And voila! A new chandelier.

4- World Market has some gorgeous table linens these days, and this orange print is no exception.
Even though I showed a tablecloth in the mood board, Tana has the option to incorporate this print 
through either the tablecloth, placemats, a runner or even simply napkins.

5- Tana wants to use her current table, which is a big gorgeous wood oval table. 
She plans to refinish it with a dark stain, which I think would look perfect in the room.

6- These gorgeous milk glass vases would add even more beautiful, bright color.

7- The perfect way to add some sophistication to Tana's current table is with these straight-back,
clean lined Parsons chairs.These chairs can be found all over, like here and here.

8- My vote to add the biggest punch of color to her neutral walls is to paint her sideboard piece 
a bright color, like this gorgeous kelly green version by Leah

And because many of these ideas are wallet-friendly, we can add a few new pieces to coordinate and add into her living room. Essentially, I'm pulling the new dining room color scheme into the living area.
Without redoing the whole room, we could simply add a few new pieces to incorporate the look. 

One important piece would be the addition of a new colorful rug, such as one of these.


And we need to update the sofa with some new throw pillows, such as these.

Crate and Barrel
Crate and Barrel
 And we need some fun, colorful art to fill the large space along the opposite TV wall. I always love a good, cheap DIY project, so I think Tana should do something like Sherry and John's latest art project (I know I always reference them, but I just love me some YHL!) Tana could fill some white Ikea frames with colorful scrapbook paper that matches her amazing new color scheme!

I think Tana loves the new design and I can't wait to see the ideas implemented in her room!

If you're interested in my e-design services, rates or have any other questions, feel free to send
me an email at tenjuneblog@gmail.com.


  1. No WAY!!! Jillian tweeted about you? That is amazeballs! So cool! :)

    Oh and your inspiration for the new room is spot on! It would be great to see what she does with it!

  2. That is super cool that Jillian tweeted about you! You're famous!

    Love the inspiration board. You did a great job. I actually just designed a room for a friend around that same flowery rug!

  3. What a fun new room! You are great at combining colors!

  4. I love the colors of your mood board, this is going to be a fantastic space when Tana is finished with it. I can't wait to see!

  5. I think it looks wonderful! Fun pop of color in that sideboard piece and love those rugs you've suggested. That is a great idea with the frames and scrapbook paper. Very clever and adds a coloful modern touch. I love your board!

  6. Great job! I love the curtains and neutral rug! The gallery wall is a great way to incorporate all of the colors!

  7. Beautiful Michelle! And congrats on your new friendship:)

  8. I have a pretty major case of blog envy right now! Jillian...what? That is so awesome! And yes, your blog is super cute! ;)

  9. Fun! I really like the direction this is going Michelle. I hope we get to see the process and the afters.

  10. Very nice! I love the first rug and the green print fabric for pillows. And awesome shout out from Jillan.

  11. Woo-hoo! Congrats on the celeb tweet! That sideboard would look awesome in green. I hope she takes a chance and breaks out her paintbrush!

  12. Great board. I LOVE the pops of color. And I agree that World Market has some great textiles right now. Hey, tell your bff hello for me! ;)

  13. Super fabulous! I ESPECIALLY love your dining room mood board.

  14. Love the room plans with the pops of color! Those rugs are GORGEOUS! Either one would look perfect!!

    OH how SUUUWEET that Jillian tweeted you back!! She's the sweetest ever!!!

  15. I love the dining room curtains and the colors in both spaces! I think it'll be classic and fun at the same time.

  16. Great job, Michelle! I love the green dresser and the colorful paper framed! Cheap and awesome idea!

  17. THANK YOU again Michelle. I love it all and the hubby does too!!!!
    Can't wait to get started!

  18. That is awesome that she actually tweeted you! Love the mood board you created, great colors!!

  19. well, your own rooms are rockin!
    can't wait to see more of your site!


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