E-Design for Megan (and Jimmy!)

Recently, I've had a few inquiries into my e-design services, so I decided to spend some time playing around with my mood board skills. I actually asked my girl Megan if I could help design a room for her because a) she's awesome like that and b) she's one of my top referrers, so it's kind of a thank you to her!

So, I redesigned her closet.

HA. If you believed that for even one second, you haven't seen Megan's closet! Go look, now! It's fab.

Actually, Megan and I worked on her media room. Otherwise known by Megan as "that big room with all of the electronics that my husband plays video games in or does whatever men do in a big room full of electronics." Ha! I know the feeling. Why DO men obsess over electronics and video games?! 

My thoughts? Combine a "man cave" atmosphere with a little of Megan's sleek style (if that's possible?! it's a tough combo!). I also aimed to bring in a whole lot of texture to make the room fun and interesting.

Here's the breakdown.

1- Megan wanted a dark, rich color on the wall, so I chose this beautiful dark green/blue/turquoise/teal. I've seen it in a few places lately, including Sara's "Reflecting Pool" closet and Sherry and John's "Plummage" guest bedroom. It's such an incredible color that adds an instant richness to any room. 

2- Because Megan's husband, Jimmy, is a University of Texas fan, I had to throw in some sports memorabilia. And this is a pretty cute little piece, if I do say so myself. You can find it here. It's a much better sports decor alternative than, say, a bobble head (I've actually had to fight David on those- anyone want a free Chipper Jones bobble head?!). I also pulled in the burnt orange color from the Texas gear as the main accent color for the room. I think it works perfectly with the wall paint color. 

3- The hardest part about decorating a man cave? The accessories. I had a few boards set up with some adorable vintage books, a couple of baskets and a tray on the coffee table. David gave one look at it and said, "It looks good, honey, but what is all that junk for?" Guys... so, I kept the accessories low and opted for a few dude-centered coffee table books, like the GQ Magazine rated Cars book, this UT book and Sports Illustrated's The Football Book. Sound pretty manly (and functional!), right?!

4-  Oh, this lamp. Love it. So industrial chic. And found at Pottery Barn right here. (Oooh and guess what- it's on sale right now!!) Jimmy has a large projector screen in the room and so I didn't want to compete too much by adding a bunch of extraneous lighting in the room. I think this guy will do the trick. Keeping it real!

5- What fits in a man cave/media room better than a leather couch? A leather sectional. This Crate and Barrel version is a bit pricey, but you can find much less expensive versions on Overstock, like this one or this one. I can just see a bunch of guys piled up on this sectional, cracking open a cold one and waiting for the big game to start! 

6- A neutral, durable jute rug adds just a little bit of pizazz with some fun texture, but certainly doesn't step on any toes to compete for the real drama of the room (ie. the wall color, the leather). Love this West Elm version (and price!).

7- Keeping it dude-friendly with some simple pillow choices, including large burnt orange throw pillows and accompanying ivory throw pillows to accent.

8- I can't get enough of this coffee table from World Market. Rustic, chic, industrial, functional. It's got it all.  I think it's the perfect fit for a room like this!

9- You can't have a media room without some movie decor. These amazing vintage movie posters can be found here for incredibly reasonable prices.  I couldn't decide between James Bond, Superman or Dick Tracy, so I picked them all!

10- At the request of Megan's awesome husband, Jimmy, I added a beanbag chair. And lucky him, its in Longhorn colors!! I told Megan we'll just pretend that its for baby James and not actually for Jimmy ; ) Ha! Seriously though, it's actually the perfect, comfy addition to the media room! Love it. 

So there we have it! Megan and Jimmy's new man cave/media room. Whatcha think?!

Just for an idea, here's the room right after Megan and Jimmy moved in.

I can't wait to see it after they make some fun changes!

If you're interested in e-design services, email me for rates!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Michelle! It looks amazing! My husband and I are UT grads too, so we may totally have to steal some ideas from your board! Love the lamp and wood sign! And the teal is fab!

  2. This looks awesome, Michelle!! Totally a "styled" man room...just perfect! If only my hubby would let me decorate his man room.

  3. Michelle, it looks awesome. Just enough man without making Megan cringe everytime she walks by!! LOL Love the deep color for the walls.

  4. Love it. That coffee table is awesome and the Texas art is awesome!

  5. Love the colors you pulled together and I especially love that coffee table! Amazing job :)

  6. This looks amazing. I've been shadowing the interior designer that is working on my parent's house....and if I've learned anything at all from her it's all about textures. Layering different kinds of textures and you've clearly done an amazing job of that.

    Absolutely love the coffee table and standing light.

  7. The room is fabulous...FABULOUS! I love the colors and the leather sofa. See? Why can't my hubby like a team with cool colors? Hehe...darn it UofL and their red and black. :) Well that and when I did do his room...he is constantly changing it up from the way I had it. Oh well....his room.

    Great job my dear.


  8. beautiful!!!! i thought about adding orange to my bathroom redo what was that really dark blue/teal- it's alovely combo!
    so do you design these while you are in the court room? i can jst picture you sitting at your table with pinterest or the like... :)
    and then accidentally shouting out "objection- those patterns do bot mix!"

  9. Michelle! This is amazing! I think it is the perfect man cave:) Best of luck with this!

  10. I love that! It's a great mix of styles. =] Love the orange pops of color.

  11. LOVE that coffee table!! and love the color combo!! great job!

  12. OMG... love this plan! The color combo is fantastic. Love that floor lamp and the industrial looking table. Way to go... it's hard to make a man room stylish!

  13. Great job! You were able to do it- a man cave with style! Love it!

  14. The room is fab! Love the coffee table and the wall color.

  15. cant wait for you to design my future unpurchased home rhonda.

  16. It's awesome! I love the rustic, sophisticated look! You go girl!!

    Also...the closet joke made me laugh (:

  17. you.are.amazing.

    I LOVE this moodboard! "man caves" are hard because let's be honest we can't let them have the WHOLE room! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  18. Having recently visited Austin...I can tell you that people there are HUGE fans! Love the orange accents. Great design!

  19. Wa-hoo! Great job, that looks so good!! (except the UT part, should have gone for some Horned Frog purple!) ;)

    You are so talented!!

    Ps, picked up the runner to your chair pads today.

  20. Thanks for the shout-out, my lady! That is going to be one fabulous room. The accent color is perfect!

  21. Love that color combo!! You did an amazing job girl!! Can't wait to see it finished :)

  22. I love it! You did such a great job. I'm thinking of using the same color in our guest room with touches of orange. And I've got my eye on that coffee table.

  23. OMG LOL, love the closet redesign tidbit!!

    Looks fabulous. Just playing a little blog catch up today. Sorry I haven't been around. xoxo.

  24. M-Dog! {lol} I just saw your visit over at Cassies...and I gotta say, you got it girl! I jumped over and saw Megans closet too, and Oh Em Gee! a girl can live in that closet :) This room you e-designed for them is going to look fantastic...that wall color+orange accents = awesomeness!

  25. ummm this is PERFECT. My husband would adore this whole room--with a change to Georgetown from Texas ;) great job, girl! you've got quite the eye! xoxo {av}

  26. I love it! That's my new favorite coffee table. So wishing I could trust my son with it!!! xoxo

  27. Girl, you ROCK! I might have to kick Jimmy out and have SATC marathons in there! Seriously, the color combos are perfect and I love what you came up with. Jimmy likes it too-especially the movie posters, light, and bean bag chairs.


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