A Vintage Family Wedding

This weekend, David, H and I celebrated the new marriage of my brother-in-law, Gregg, and his beautiful bride, Brooke. I know weddings are always fun, but this was SUCH an amazing occasion. It was also a very special one for us; apart from being his youngest brother, Gregg is also one of David's best friends. Celebrating him and his new wife meant so much to us!

The wedding was held at an urban farm nestled right in the middle of Atlanta. The venue was equipped with a beautiful historic house, pretty landscaping and roaming goats and chickens. Brooke planned an incredible party- the details of the event were awesome. And she looked beautiful. You know what? I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy.

The wedding party was just adorable. I loved the bridesmaids' mismatched red and blue dresses.

And the groomsmen looked fly, too!

Hey, these two look like... brothers!

My nieces were the flower girls and my nephew the ring bearer. Baby HDawg was walked in during the ceremony by David and got to "stand" up front with the other boys for a little while. The kiddos were so sweet!

David and I had so much fun celebrating with our family. We're lucky to have such great relatives. Check out how sweet HDawg's aunt and cousins were helping him get ready!

I mean, I couldn't stay away from that mini-suit and bowtie either! : )

Here are David and his three siblings with the bride (from left to right: oldest- Jamie, youngest- Greggory, the bride- Brooke, second oldest- Kelly, David).

We tried a few times to get a good family shot, but most of them turned out kind of awkward.

Our babysitter got sick, so sweet little H toughed out the ceremony with us all night. We spent a lot of the night in this pose since he was soooo tired. Reasonably so, he lasted from 1 PM to about 10 PM without a good nap! Don't worry, I danced to T.I. holding H like this. Whatchu know about that?

And for those of you who like to see the details in fun events like this....

And my most favorite detail, H's shoes! : )

A few of you already asked me on Instagram where I found HDawg's outfit. His suit is from here (the exact suit I bought isn't available anymore, but it's the Kid's World brand like those I linked to), shirt from The Children's Place, bow tie from Etsy (don't know the shop, Brooke bought for him) and shoes from Target. He sho was styling!

All in all, we had an amazing weekend celebrating my little brother-in-law and his new wife. They are the sweetest couple and I'm so proud to call them family.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Nate, for letting me borrow most of these pictures!


  1. what a sweet wedding! congrats! you look SO good and baby H is killing me. seriously, that suit is the cutest!

  2. So sweet, and I love the backyard weddings and how personal they are. Beautiful, and so are you and your family!
    xo Nancy

  3. The Social Goat! That's actually where I got married too! Check out the feature on intimateweddings.com


  4. What a creative wedding! And my god, that baby in that outfit. Unreal.

  5. What a beautiful and special wedding. I love all those pretty little details and the little man and his fancy shoes might have stolen the show!

  6. What a sweet wedding! I love the colors she used and the location looks so sweet....and roaming goats!? I am sold! Haha. (I have always wanted a sweet goat. :)) Your little man is the cutest!

  7. Such a creative and fun wedding! So sweet. HDawg may have stollen the show!

  8. Wow, I live about 5 blocks from the Social Goat and I had no idea it was there! I run that way all the time! Obviously I need to pay more attention while running. What a beautiful venue for a small wedding.

  9. Love the 4 kiddos together...cannot wait for that one to get printed and framed! Bray told me all day how much he misses Baby H.

  10. Haha! I saw this wedding on my facebook feed a few days ago (went to school with a bridesmaid). Such a small world. :)

  11. Those saddle shoes KILL me!! Thanks for the link! E is going to be a ring bearer in his aunt's wedding this June so we need to get him styled!!

  12. How cute are you guys...and that cake?!?! And judging by the amount of wine on the table...it was a fun wedding! :)

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