My Little Sister's Wedding

the beautiful bride!

Callie and I helping with the garter

her plum + lavender color scheme was beautiful!

HDawg was ring bearer extraordinaire

magazine worthy!

I love my sisters!

the beautiful venue

you may now kiss the bride!

apparently something in my speech was good : )

the sweet couple, Jason and Tori

I can't even believe it, but my little sister is officially married! The wedding weekend went perfectly, from the decor to the food to the family and friends to the ceremony to the weather... we couldn't have asked for a better time. Tori looked incredible her in vintage-inspired lace dress. Like, out of a magazine beautiful. I somehow managed to fit my big ol' bump into my matron-of-honor dress (my other sister Callie and I were both MOH!) and had a ball helping my sister all day and toasting her at the ceremony. And HDawg is officially going to grow up to be a professional wedding crasher... seriously, weddings are his thing. He kicked butt in his role as ring bearer and he had a ball tearing up the dance floor and schmoozing with all of the guests. Adorable. It was seriously the perfect wedding!

Tori and I crafted up a few fun DIY projects for the wedding and I plan on sharing those later this week! Until then, I'll be cuddled up in my sweats, recovering from the weekend and watching 19 episodes of Homeland in a row (David and I are in the middle of season 2 and we're obsessed!).

Don't forget to submit your Tuesday at Ten June projects to me today!!


  1. What a perfect day! Hopefully the weather held off enough for you guys!

  2. Everything is so pretty! You look beautiful! That sign at the ceremony venue is adorable - what a great quote. Congrats to your sister!!

  3. Beautiful!! She is one beautiful bride! Congrats to your sister! And your little HDawg is adorable!

  4. She was SUCH a stunning bride! And you looked beautiful as well! OH and so did Hdawg! Love him! So glad it was a success and you all had fun! xo

  5. She's all grown up and a happy wedded wife now, but she'll always be your little sister. :)

    A photos are perfect. It's a perfect wedding.

    God bless you and congratulations!


  6. What a beautiful group of women - wow! And H could not be any cuter - the bow tie is more than I can handle!!!

  7. Such a gorg day. So happy for Tori!! :) xo

  8. She was such a gorgeous bride! All of this pictures are so pretty!

  9. such a beautiful day -- you three are just gorgeous!!! And that ring bearer is the cutest one I've ever seen!


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