Vintage Inspired, Burlap + Lace Wedding DIY Projects

My sister, Tori, had such a beautiful vision for her wedding: a vintage-inspired, rustic, burlap + lace theme. Armed with thousands of Pinterest posts and some Hobby Lobby coupons, we decided to craft up a few do-it-yourself vintage-inspired projects for the wedding.

First stop? The ceremony programs. Originally, we had planned to DIY programs like I did for my wedding. I simply designed them with a photo editor like PicMonkey and then had them printed at the print shop. At the last minute, Tori found this adorable idea to instead put your program information on a chalkboard sign at the ceremony. Brilliant! And much easier than 200 programs : )

We found this old rectangular frame at Goodwill for $12. It had a rockin' 1980's abstract print in it... very Miami Vice. We simply sanded down the glass plate and then painted with chalkboard spray paint. So, technically, she could remove the chalkboard plate if she ever wants to see Miami Vice art again. Just sayin'. 

Then I tried my bestest to break out some cute writing with a purple chalk marker. I'm definitely no skilled artisan, but hopefully the different fonts look sort of cute! Overall, I just love the idea to use a chalkboard sign instead of programs. Great idea, Tori!

The next sign we made was a Pinterest idea. Tori saw a sign like this and we both just loved the concept. Basically, the idea was a sign that directs family and friends to not choose bride versus groom sides at the ceremony, but to instead intermingle. 

I followed my DIY rustic pallet sign tutorial and built this sign from wood scraps in my garage. We painted it with chalkboard paint and then free-handed the slightly serial killer-ish letters with craft paint.

How cute is the sign leaning up against a tree when you walk into the ceremony space?!

Next up, we crafted some centerpieces. The florist did an arrangement for about half the tables, so we DIYed the other half. We stuck to a rustic mason jar + lace + burlap + twine theme and it turned out so pretty! And all it took was about 400 hot glue sticks! These jars had floating tea lights in them during the reception. They were gorgeous.

Finally, Tori and I crafted up a memory photo board to honor special family members who are no longer with us. Tori wanted a special spot for those special photos, so we made a board dedicated to just that purpose. I simply took apart an old vintage photo frame we found in my mom's basement until just the shell of the front frame remained. Next, I cut lace and hot glued ribbons of the lace across the width of the picture frame. All you have to add next are tiny clothespins and photos!

This project is a lot like my DIY clothespin + wire photo board but a slightly less complicated method.

Overall, the projects we created turned out great. And they looked amazing at the wedding itself. I can't wait to see the professional photographer's pictures of all of the pretty details! If you've got the time, DIY projects like this are definitely worth it in terms of saving money. And it's a lot of fun to create everything, of course. Tori and I had a ball making all of these things! If you're hosting a bridal shower, baby shower or wedding anytime soon, hopefully our DIY ideas will inspire you!


  1. She was a beautiful bride and it looks like the decor was beautiful too! You are so sweet to help her out.. gotta love sisters:)

  2. Thanks for the great Idea, your post will surely help me with my sister's wedding planning and this thing is for sure. I really loved the board saying "TODAY two families become one, so pick a SEAT not a SIDE" as well. As the venue I selected is a Yacht, which can be seen here, and these all will look great on it.

  3. Thank you I am glad my blog is so informative and helpful

  4. So pretty and sweet -- love the handmade touches!
    xo Heidi

  5. Love it! How do y'all know Logan Brooks?? I grew up with her in church at Bethesda UMC...small world!

    1. Hey Ashley! Shoot me an email ( with your email address (your comment didn't have an email address attached!) and I'll explain : )

  6. Love the combination of burlap and lace! These are such beautiful details! :)


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