A New Living Room Mirror

Since we've been in this house (for almost a month now!), I haven't done much decorating. Except this mantel! So far, it's been decorated with Threshold knick knacks, decorated in a cutesy + spooky Halloween motif, secretly decorated for Christmas and now it's decorated for fall/Thanksgiving (more on that later!).

Needless to say, this hard-working space deserved some new jewels. And I chose to hook up the mantel with a hot new mirror! You like?

The mirror is this piece from Home Decorators. Of course, mirrors are the best way (especially in a rental house) to open up a tight area and really get some light bouncing around a space. 

But this mirror is extra special! I really like how the frame is sort of antique and vintage, but also sort of glamorous. We don't have a lot of glam in our house (one girl versus 3.5 boys!) and this is pretty statement piece is a nice departure from that.

The side panels are really cool, because they reflect light and images from other dimensions across our wide-open downstairs floor plan. Look ma, there's my kitchen in the living room!

And it wouldn't be a mirror post without a mirror selfie, yeah?

She's pretty, she's shiny and she's alllll mine!

*Home Decorators supplied me a gift card that went towards the purchase of this mirror but the product choices, opinions and descriptions here are solely my own!*


  1. what a perfect mix of antique and glam! perfect for a living room because now you can dress her any way you want :) LOVE it, thanks for sharing :)

    -court @PrettyCheap

  2. I love it...I think I see many mantel displays in your future! Very pretty!

  3. Pretty pretty pretty!! I love those baskets for the toys too- your house is looking great!

  4. Love it. The edging around it is so pretty!

  5. i love the antique look! can't wait to see how you decorate the mantel for xmas!

  6. That mirror is perfect for above the fire place, its very hard to photograph mirrors without being in the photo isnt it :)
    Have fun decorating, it all takes time to bring it together but Im sure it will look magic when you do


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