Colorful Outdoor Patio Makeover Reveal

I absolutely love outdoor spaces. One of my happy places is sitting my butt on a nice patio, enjoying some quality time (and maybe a cold beverage or two four) with my friends and family. So it's no surprise that it's important to me to create an outdoor living space at our home. Remember our beautiful blue ceiling screened porch from our old house? Or our sad but colorful little patio from our first rental house? These were some of the most special places in our home.

Now that we're in our new rental house and it's officially patio season, the time has come to set up an outdoor space for this home. As you saw in my patio design plan, I decided to inject some color into our small patio and I partnered up with my friends at Target to do so!

Looking good, right?! Let's back up with a blah before shot.

And once again, the after!

Welcome to my crazy colorful outdoor patio space! The magic in this makeover is that all I did was simply add some fun furniture and accessory pieces. Because we are renting this house, there's not much we can do in the way of permanent or large-scale changes. So a simple, renter-friendly solution that makes a big impact is to dress up the space with some fun, colorful pieces. Want the tour?

This is my view out our back door.

The table is a remnant from a set my in-laws purchased for us years ago. The ah-maz-ing chairs are these metal chairs from Target. Y'all, I'm seriously obsessed with these chairs. First off, the color. Second of all, the color. I'm in love. Third, they stack, which is perfect for a small patio space like we have. We set them all out when we host a lot of people but stack them up along the garage when we don't need them all. Fourth, the color. I freaking love the color of these chairs. And fifth, they're made out of a lightweight aluminum that is totally rustproof. 

In fact, all of the Target Threshold outdoor furniture is tested with corrosive testing, which apparently involves 24 hours in a salt spray simulator, as well as weight and temperature tests. It makes me feel good that these pieces are engineered to be durable and high-quality!

The rug is this outdoor woven rug from Lulu & Georgia.

The table is topped with some great serving and other accessories like these ceramic solar paneled lanterns from Target Threshold's summer line.

David gets stuck over on the grill during most of our entertaining sessions, so I decided to set up a lounging area for friends to join David while he's cooking us up some supper.

The adorable outdoor pillows, pretty globe lights (that I strung around the entire back fence!) and chevron pouf create a cozy little scene in the corner. FYI, all of the Threshold outdoor cushions, pillows and umbrellas are tested for color fastness  and are tested to 1,000 hours of direct sunlight exposure without fading. Um, that's a quality outdoor fabric, friends.

How cute are these Threshold cups and rattan serving tray? Love them.

The oilcloth banner (which, hello, is chalkboard on the back... how cool is that?) is from Modern June.

Over on the other side of the fence, we set up a little area with a fire pit. We've got a bunch of these plastic Adirondack chairs that we plan to set up around the fire pit when we have friends over and maybe roast some s'mores. The cool thing about this fire pit is that it has a fire screen or a metal piece that you can slide over the pit to create a table, as shown. So smart!

Seriously, I just love it out here now. Since sprucing up the space, we have eaten countless dinners, drawn many chalk roads (an HDawg favorite) and propped our feet up a bunch of times. It's so nice!

How pretty are the lights at night? Romannntic. I think me and the mister could have a date night or two out here this summer, don't you?!

One more time, here's the before/after side by side.

Now if you're looking for me, I'm drinking a margarita and propping my feet up on the patio!


  1. What a pretty patio! I love the turquoise and that pouf!

  2. That looks great! I am inspired to get my butt to Target and give my backyard a makeover!

  3. Those ceramic solar lanterns cast such pretty shadows, don't they? I picked up a bunch of them when they were on sale last year. They've been outside all year (here in So Cal) and are still going strong. Makes it look like a party on my patio every night!

  4. Love the mix of the turquoise chairs with the colorful rug, looks great!

  5. Love it! We've lived in our little apartment for over four years now, and we don't have an outdoor space at all, so I'm looking forward to getting at least a small patio at our next place! I love love love those chairs as well - it's nice seeing people use a little color this summer :) xoxo

  6. Oh I LOVE that rug! Totally pulls the whole look together. You did an awesome job lady~

  7. so cute! Love the color and everything! The rug is awesomeeee :)

  8. Michelle-this is magazine worthy! Great job, girl!!

  9. That rug and furniture is perfection!!

  10. Sooooo fun! I LOVE the chair color and it all looks so inviting. I want to come and hang out. You'll be out there all of the time. Well done, my friend.

  11. It has turned out beautlfully, I bet you cant wait to sit outside and take it all in. Love the colour of your outdoor setting too, that pop of bright colour has really brought the space to life :)
    Ive just built a new courtyard at the front of my house and looking at what furniture and furnishing for it, thats the best bit I think decorating it all!

  12. Looks great, I have a rando q about the outdoor pillows and stuff... I know they are made with fabric to withstand the elements, but do you bring them inside/store them when its raining?? I've always wondered about that??

  13. It looks amazing! I love the fun bright colors! Our patio could really use some help, but I'm going to Haven instead of doing a patio makeover haha.

  14. I'm coming over!!!! I think I need/want those chairs. Girl, I love how you transformed this space! It's amazing how an outdoor living space makes such a difference!


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