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On Wednesday, again.Word. That's how we roll around here. Hopefully my life with two kids under two post can explain my post tardiness : )

I never would have thought to paint a master closet completely white (like, from floor to ceiling!), but it turns out that it creates the perfect backdrop for your clothes, a pretty black trimmed window and a sick kilim rug. Seriously, Brit, I'm coming to steal that rug. Check out more of the master closet makeover reveal over on House Updated.

Katie Bower done done it again with another adorable idea. She created a photo family book for her son with personal family photos. I did something like this for HDawg for his first Christmas and he still looks at the book every single day. I love how she executed the book by adding each person's name in blocks. Super cute.

My friend Courtney at A Thoughtful Place just got a new rug from one of my fave sources, Lulu & Georgia, for her master bedroom makeover. I'm seriously in love. This rug is beauuuutiful!

I used to be a big fan of ripping out pages from magazines and putting them in my inspiration binder. Now, I just snap a photo of the magazine page and put it on Pinterest! So I'm totally that weird girl adding iPhone shots of magazines to my boards all the time. You know Michelle is having a relaxing morning reading magazines when you see me pinning away! I just about died over this amazing back porch makeover from an Atlanta gal featured in April's Better Homes and Gardens. Isn't it amazing? I can't wait until we own a home again and can create a space like this!

If you've got an awesome do-it-yourself project, room makeover, recipe, kids project or anything you want to share, let's feature it on Tuesdays at Ten June! Send me your project via email (tenjuneblog@gmail.com) or tag it on Instagram (#tuesdaysattenjune).


  1. that closet is dreamy! one day i will have a lovely closet!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my closet! All your picks are so great - I'm thinking I need a new rug now... :)


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