Little Lady June's Birth Announcements

Not only are David and I head over heels in love with our precious little girl, but we're kind of in love with her birth announcements, too! A big thanks to Minted who made that happen with their awesomesauce birth announcements.

Obviously I don't share the kiddos' real names around here, so I doctored the above photo to read "Little Lady June." The true announcement looks like this...

And no, her name is not Campbell (although that is one of my fav names of all time). That's just the set name on the announcements on the Minted website. If you don't believe me or if you want to see how cute this announcement card really is, check it out here.

I love how the card is simple, focuses on our little angel and is the perfect mix of girly but cool. We searched through a lotttt of announcement options and this one was instantly winner winner, chicken dinner.

I did a little something special with the back of the card and added a bunch of photos from LLJ's newborn session. Nine photos, to be precise. I love that I could feature our sweet girl on the front but still include all of us as a family (and the oh-so-adorable HDawg) on the back.

I was a little late in getting these guys out to family and friends (the card should have read- heyyyy! we had a baby... two months ago!) but so far, everyone's loving this sweet memento of our little girl.

If you aren't familiar with Minted yet, check them out, you won't be sorry. Oh, if you're expecting, you've hit the jackpot... Minted also has customizable nursery wall art. And did I mention they have free birth announcement samples and free recipient address printing? I mean, c'mon. They have it all.

Consider this my official announcement (although we all know that the most official form of spreading news these days is Facebook)... welcome to the world, Little Lady June!

Disclaimer: Minted provided me with the product for review, but all opinions and the impossibly adorable newborn baby belongs to me.


  1. beautiful! she is so sweet! hope all is well with life with two!

  2. So sweet!! Looks great!! Hope y'all are well!

  3. She is precious! I love that little flower bow!

  4. Just got mine in the mail yesterday...LOVE it!! She is the sweetest, most precious little thing ever. So happy for you! xoxoxox


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