Craft Room + Home Office Organization Makeover

Friends, I have finally crossed off something that has been at the top of my to-do list since we moved to our new rental house last October: Organize. My. Craft. Junk.

And thanks to my friends over at HomeGoods, I was not only able to get it organized, but I did it in style!

Let's start with the ugly before shots, shall we?

Yup, that's a hot mess. All of my craft stuff was haphazardly thrown into bins... or on the floor. When we moved to this house, I was so excited to use the Ikea butcher block island (that we bought here for the kitchen in our last rental house) as a craft table, but it's really hasn't been functional at all for me since it's covered in junk. 

Luckily, HomeGoods came to the rescue. I picked up a few items from their home management department and boom. All of my craft junk is officially organized.

I know, you want details. Let's start from the beginning... the shopping trip. Check out all of the amazing goodies I found at HomeGoods. I knew I wanted some baskets and bins for this space and the selection certainly didn't disappoint. Their storage furniture selection was pretty amazing, too.

Too bad I wasn't shopping for HDawg's room... how cute are these bins?

I finally narrowed it down to some woven baskets and some fabric covered bins.

Okay, nosy, I'll show you what's inside! ; )

In the larger fabric bin, I'm hoarding my ribbon + yarn + twine collection. Seriously, who has a twine collection? Get a grip on your craft gear, Michelle.

In the smaller fabric covered box, I've got all of HDawg's craft stuff, including crayons, play-doh, that kind of thing.

My fabric collection is being stored in the larger woven bin, while the smaller woven bin is holding miscellaneous craft items. I'll tell you what, the pictures don't do the large bin justice. That thing is massive! I could probably curl up in there and take a nap if I wanted to. Maybe not. But a nap does sound nice.

I thought about it after the fact, but I should be smart like Cassie and store my craft paints upside down like she did here so I could see the colors easier! Genius, that Cass.

I stored all of my tinier craft knick knacks in this sliding bamboo silverware tray. The tray (which I didn't purchase at HomeGoods but saw some similar options at the store) easily fit into the top of the smaller woven bin. A perfect place for pom poms.

Besides the bins, I also picked up a few other random organizational items from HomeGoods.

I love this caddy, which holds my "most used" items like scissors and glue sticks. Who doesn't need extra glue sticks at an arms reach? Duh.

I also love this rustic turquoise mail bin that I found. It's perfect for holding my scrapbook paper, card stock and clearly absurd collection of stickers. I'm 30. Why so many stickers?

Finally, I picked up this cute vintage-y knob hook rack. Right now, I have super awesome and important things like painters tape and duct tape hanging from the knobs, but eventually I plan to hang some buckets to hold more craft supplies.

For those of you who are wondering, the linen memo board with fabric storage pockets (which is lacking Little Lady June pictures, I know... I need to print all of her first few months photos out!) is a DIY project I completed with a full tutorial here.

Needless to say, my craft supplies are resting happy tonight. I can't wait to dive into my next project now that I'm all organized and stylish!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow... I'll be back with a sweet HomeGoods giveaway (or five!).


  1. Looks lovely!! Will you come over and make my crafting space this pretty??

  2. It looks fantastic! I love HomeGoods! They're my first stop when I want something cute for our home :) And the prices can't be beat!

  3. Oh it looks so good! Love to organize feel so accomplished after. Especially these days!

  4. Looks amazing! Is this in a corner of your home or in a bedroom? Just curious :) Great inspiration!

  5. This looks so good! I wish I could get this organized...I guess it's easy when you can get such cute stuff! Looking forward to the giveaway :)

  6. That looks great! My craft closet could use a makeover, it's so hard to find anything in there!

  7. I'm obsessed and would like to invite you to my house to organize my craft corner! JK, I know you have your hands full. But maybe this is what I tackle this weekend.

  8. I love cruising their basket/organizing aisles. :)

  9. I have a question...Did you make the black "flower" board across the top? Is that drawer knobs?


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