2011 Before & After Tour

Hello hello! I hope all of you are having a fabulous, relaxing holiday week! Unfortunately it's a crazy busy time for me at work. But it's ok, I'm saving a little eggnog and a few cake pops so that I can enjoy them next week ; ) Meanwhile, I thought it'd be fun to take a recent tour through the Ten June casa... some of the rooms changed a great deal this year! Here's what a few of the rooms looked like in the beginning of 2011 and what they look like today!





In 2011, my dining room saw a few changes, including painting the dining room walls navy blue, painting the chair rail and plantation shutters a bright white, changing out the light fixture, crafting the silver sunburst mirror and painting the built-in wine rack.

Nothing much has changed in the kitchen this year since 2010 was the year for making over this room.


I did add a new house plant + herb garden wall and a mini mudroom space in the breakfast nook!

2011 didn't bring any major changes in either of the guest bedrooms or in our master bedroom.

Oh except that minor change we made in the master bedroom... that minor change otherwise known as our master bathroom renovation!!





This room saw a funky new gallery wall. And apparently I learned how to take a not-so-crooked picture! Thank goodness for the "rotate" tool in Picnik, right?!



Phew! All of that makes me tired just looking at it : )

Let me pull the cheese card for a hot minute... I have you guys to thank for a lot of this hard work and the fun results! No joke! While I'd certainly still be decorating and renovating without a blog, you guys give me soooo much inspiration from your lovely homes and ideas. And ya'll are also big cheerleaders for me as well! Like, remember that one time our bathroom reno went over-schedule by about ten months? Mhmmm, yeah. You guys rocked in giving me sweet words about that. And telling me that sawdust in my bed was not a big deal. At all.

So I just wanted to say thank you so much for being rock stars and reading this little blog every day. Truth be told, I have the DIY itch right now and I'm ready to get started on my million page to-do list for 2012. I've got some fun projects up my sleeve... I hope you'll be along for the ride!

Pssst! I'm so excited to be part of Jen's fabulous "Great 2011 Reads" series over on her blog, Rambling Renovators. She has picked some fabbbbulous blogs to feature, so needless to say, I'm honored! It's so fun seeing my favorite familiar blog faces and also learning about so many new blogs as well! Head on over here to check out the series!

I'm sharing this post with Between Naps on the Porch and the updated kitchen photos with Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick.


  1. so fun to see it all together- the dining room color makes such a difference! but that bathroom takes the cake!

  2. What a beautiful home you've made, Michelle! That master bathroom "before" totally cracks me up - what was with the use of gold tile and toilets across the United States thirty or forty years ago????? Reminds me so much of the sweet kitchen we had growing up...gold with avocado green appliances. Gorgeous! Your master bath today is to-die for!!!! Love it and the rest of your home....hope you are enjoying all your hard work.

  3. You must feel so accomplished! It is so great to see it all together in one post. I am so glad you kept the plantation shutters - in fact I am still trying to convince my husband to put them in! Your bathroom is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your lovely home and I look forward to seeing what you do in 2012! Happy New Year!

  4. Just so amazing to see it all in one post. You guys have worked so hard and done such a beautiful job. Just love the navy blue dining room! I am all in for 2012

  5. Goooorgeous! I especially love the grey cabinets in the master bath and the navy walls in the dining room. Lovely color choices! Amazing that you did all of these projects in 2011, you go girl!

  6. Love all the changes! Hope you had a great Christmas Michelle!

  7. Looks amazing!! Your little home is so beautiful (:

  8. Thanks for sharing! Your post has me feeling inspired!


  9. It's so fun to see all of the changes and updates that people have done through this year. You've got a lot to be proud of Michelle. Your master bath still gives me chills - I love it! Happy New Year to you and looking forward to a funtastic 2012!

  10. I still do LOVE your bathroom update... it's so fabulous! Happy New Year!

  11. Your house is so lovely! I'd forgotten how beautiful your bathroom turned out. It looks like it was totally worth the wait and hard work =) Happy New Year!

  12. So many bold changes in one year. Can't wait to see what the future holds. I especially love the grey vanity in the reworked bathroom. Gret job. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  13. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing great projects!
    Visiting from Serenity Now. Happy New Year.

  14. Niiiiice! You guys were awesome in 2011! Loved seeing what all you got done - especially that amazing bathroom renovation. =)

  15. I just love, love, love your house! Y'all have done a great job!

  16. What an amazing job, Michelle! I'm so inspired! I look forward to seeing what you'll do in 2012.
    Take care and Happy New Year!

  17. Wow, your home has come a long way in such a short time! The drama in the dining room is my favorite! And, the bathroom, of course! :) Great year of projects!!

  18. I love the colors you've chosen throughout your home! I've added you to my list of favorites:


    Happy New Year!

  19. Happy New Year! I loved reading this post! Such a great recap! You guys have done such a great job!!

  20. Lovely job! Swooning over the new master bathroom!! Perfect shade of grey and pink!

  21. Just beautiful! Lovely blog ~ I'm a new follower! :)
    Best, Anne ♥♥

  22. Your dining room is the McGriddle of dining rooms! I love the wall color with the batton board! The brick wall in your kitchen is uber fun and your striped office has me giddy! Love it all- such a fun house!


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