The Perfect Play Room

Over the weekend, I finally got around to reading my February Land of Nod catalog... and wow, was I impressed. If you follow me on Instagram (@tenjuneblog), you'll know that I was most impressed by this playroom. It's perfection in my book. I love the mix of new and old furniture, bright and subtle colors, "kid-friendly" furniture and adult pieces. It's beautiful! The room belongs to Trina McNeilly, the blogger behind La La Lovely. She's got incredible taste- you should check out her blog, for sure. 

I was digging around trying to find more pictures of the room for y'all and actually found something better- a full video tour of this room and some other rooms from Trina's house. It's sooo amazing. I kind of want to just move on in with the McNeilly's so I can hang out in her beautiful spaces. Is that weird?

Anyways, thought you guys would love to see this space as much as I did. Enjoy!

PS. Please tell me I was not the only one absolutely drooling over my love, Mr. JT, last night. He killed it at the Grammy's y'all. Love that man!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. We don't have any extra space for a playroom but those types of elements are what I plan to use with baby #2's room :)

  2. JT is unreal. Mike and I are huge fans and saw him live twice like, 6 years ago now. The man is so effortless it's insane.

    Oh and the Land of Nod is currently killing me, considering I'm working on Easton's playroom and I just want to buy everything they sell lately.

  3. I am in love with Land of Nod...seriously, everything they do is fantastic!

  4. What a good way to enrich a playroom! I love it

  5. thank you so much for the kind words and sweet post! come on over ;) xo . trina

  6. We are just getting started on a big playroom makeover (well, it is a full house makeover in our first home, but this week I'm posting about the playroom), so this post was great timing. Come on over and see if you have a chance!


  7. Love this playroom too. I'll have to check out the video. And yes, I was right there with you, drooling! He's hot!

  8. Trina rocked it hard. SO amazing. I love that she converted the dining room. So smart. I have another friend in the midst of doing the same. Such a great use of time.


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