A Book Shelf Switcheroo

Remember the chevron painted book shelf I just made over for little HDawg's nursery?

Welllllll, that sweet little bookshelf unfortunately didn't make the cut.

As you can see here, we immediately bogged that poor little shelf down with HDawg's toys. The shelf was all like "heyyyy, you painted me really pretty and then covered me up with way too much stuff. Um, fix dat." Seriously, it said that to me.

So I decided to do a little shelf switcheroo. Remember the Ikea Expedit-ish shelf we bought from Target for the playroom space in the living room of our old house? Here, I'll refresh your memory.

Okay and one more of that beautiful room because I just loved it. Like, a lot.


Aaaanyways, back to bookshelves.

This shelf was perfect for holding HDawg's toys in our previous house. In our rental house, it's been used as sort of a "drop area" near our main entry door. You can see it in all it's glory in the space right here. Honestly, it kind of wasn't living up to it's furniture potential... we tossed a few things on the top, but all of the shelves weren't being used. I had some of HDawg's books on there, but he never played in this space so they kind of got neglected.

Do you see where this is headed?

 Oh yes. The books, the toys, the humidifier, the puzzles... it all finally fits in little HDawg's room thanks to the fact that we moved the white shelf into his nursery. The toys are still kind of all shoved in, but have a lot more room with the extra shelves and bins.

To make a short story even longer, we love that this shelf is more sturdy than the little green guy. We still need to anchor the white shelf to the wall, but it makes me feel a lot better that if H ever tries to climb to the top of it one day (which, let's be honest, he will), this will be more sturdy.

My client is very happy with my work.

Mr. Green Shelf now rests by our front door, temporarily holding all of our shoes and other gear we slough off when we walk in the door. It's like the front door and the chevron shelf were a match made in heaven. I love little switcheroos like that, don't you?!


  1. I definitely like the change up, the white shelf fits the space better and I love the toys flowing out look :)

    I normally never ask this in comments, but I know you posted last wk that you usually just read your sidebar links. I posted my nursery design boards for baby #2 this morning and would love your design eye feedback!

  2. On a hunt for a great bookcase. You did a great job! Do you mind me asking what paint color you used in the room. We are currently renovating a looking for a soothing neutral. Thanks so much.

  3. Don't ya love when that happens?!!! I cannot believe how big he has gotten.

  4. Definitely love the Expedit! I really want one for our house. Don't know where I'd put it, but I want one!

  5. Best part of the whole post was Mr. HDawg!! What a cutey!!!

  6. Perfect switch!! And H is WAY TOO CUTE. Stop it. Okay, don't :)

  7. Great solution! Those Expedit-ish bookcases are PERFECT for kid spaces -- we have two in our basement/game room and it makes a very haphazard space look organized. Love me some HDawg. :)
    xo Heidi
    PS -- loved seeing you Saturday night, it was a fun time and we need to do it again soon!


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