Tuesdays at Ten June

Oh, hey, Tuesday. I love you because you're a) better than Monday and b) the new series day here on the bloggo. So let's dive right in... say hello to this week's awesome feature projects!

 a LEGIT amazing/adorable/awesome/HDawg-wants-one DIY teepee from Strawberry Swing

super cute vintage washboard laundry room collection by Decor and the Dog

a colorful front porch makeover from A Thoughtful Place

a garage makeover and organization tips from Cleverly Inspired

I mean, seriously? A DIY teepee? Complete with adorable polka dot + flower pattern mixing? That's like my every kid's dream. Y'all's projects are out-of-control good!

Share your projects with me via email at tenjuneblog@gmail.com (please put "Tuesdays at Ten June" in the subject line!) or tag them with #tuesdaysattenjune for everyone to see on Instagram.


  1. Ok I seriously need to make that teepee Sterling is obsessed with having one!!

  2. i want a teepee and i dont even have a child.

  3. Love Erinn's teeppee and those washboards are awesome!

  4. Thanks for the feature, friend. I am so wanting to make a teeppee now. ugh! So darling.

  5. Thanks so much for featuring Ashlynn's teepee, I'm so glad everyone thinks it came out as great as I do! Definitely starting to think about making more!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my project! I'm with the others on wanting a teepee. But I'd also take an organized garage or cute porch. ;)


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