Hey Hey Heyyyy Haven

Hola, my Internet peeps! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend. The weather here in Georgia was, well... sucky. I mean, realllly not fun. Like, raining all day, every day pretty much since last Tuesday. Which meant no fireworks, no picnics, no pool. Womp womp.

BUT we need the rain down here, so I can't complain. And it gave my little family the perfect excuse to be lazy... David is recovering from pneumonia (I know, who gets pneumonia in the summer?!) and HDawg from another ear infection. While the boys rested, I got my little paws on a fun DIY project I can't wait to share with y'all, hopefully later this week : )

Big question for you. 

WHO is flying/driving/boating/walking/scootering/roller-blading their cute little butts to Atlanta at the beginning of August for the Haven Conference?! I had so much fun last year (check out my recap here) and I can't wait to live it up at the conference again this year.

And this year, I won't be that eight months pregnant chick. Because that was fun.

So who will be there??! I can't wait to meet you!

Pssst! Don't forget to share your most awesomest DIY projects from the week via #tuesdaysattenjune! Learn more about my new series here.


  1. Instead I'll be The 8th month pregnant chick!!

  2. I am SO going to miss hanging out with you this year!!!! :( I'd be the pregnant chick...not 8 months yet, but I sure look it. ;) Have a blast for me, okay? :)

  3. Agg! I'm so bummed to miss again this year! But I am 100% going next year! Absolutely!

  4. Woot woot! Can't wait to see you and meet everyone!!! Hope your boys are on the mend.

  5. I am SO going to be at Haven this year and can't wait to meet all the lovely ladies (and scarce dudes)! It's my first blog conference, so I'm super extra stoked to go! And I'm sending over my little DIY project for your series (which I'm lovin' and can't wait to see all the projects) right now! Yay!

  6. Can't wait! It'll be here before we know it... :-)
    xo heidi

  7. Hi Michelle,

    I'll be there and look forward to catching up if we can!

  8. I'll be there this year :o) really looking forward to being around a bunch of bloggers! hope to run into you!

  9. So sad I can't make it!! Maybe next year! You girls will have so much fun.


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