A Few House Updates

Woooo whee. It's been a craaazy week around these parts! I had a couple of big deals to close at work, HDawg was teething like woah and David was out of town for work. Let's just say I am super happy to be waking up to a beautiful, peaceful Friday morning : )

Do you ever have those Saturdays where you just spend a few hours tinkering? That was me, last weekend. David had already left for his business trip and H decided to take a winner marathon nap. So I decided to neglect the pile of dirty dishes and rolling piles of Tucker dog hair on the floor and instead, monopolize on the quiet and spend a few hours tinkering around the house.

I finally taped up some pictures with washi tape on my fridge in the kitchen.

Photos all over the fridge might not be for the anti-clutter peeps out there, but I love it. It's such a cheap, easy, colorful and removable addition to our little renter's kitchen.

I am having some issues with using Command strips here at my rental house. They unstick very easily! I'm not sure if it's the walls or the insane moisture in the air right now, but everything I have put on the wall with Command strips has fallen. Including my vintage Varsity restaurant trash art. So I finally got those rehung with good ol' hammer and nail. Not the best option for a rental house, but we're allowed to put holes in the wall with reason.

Do you remember this vintage printer box/nick nack shelf that hung in the living room at my old house? It's been hanging in our rental house's dining room since we moved in, but it's been empty!

I decided to finally fill it up with trinkets. Instead of using all of the colorful items I previously had on the shelf, I decided to keep it only blue and white. And then I realized I need way more blue items. Time to trinket shop, yay-uh!

Finally, I decided to hang a gallery wall on one of the big empty walls in our rental house master bedroom. I shared this little sneek peek on Instagram. You guys had lots of helpful tips... but don't worry, I already switched it around : ) Hopefully I'll have some "on the wall" pics to share soon.

I love tinkering. It makes me feel like I'm getting a lot done without a lot of effort! What have you tinkered on lately around your house?


  1. i am a photos on the fridge girl. :) my kids love seeing their photos and art up there!

  2. Tinkering is my favorite...lol. And I agree...I feel so productive! Haha. And it beats doing the real chores. lol.

  3. ahh yes - I love those days. In fact, I am about to get started on one right now! What a great idea on the Varsity art! I live in metro ATL and just love eating at the Varsity (which we pronounce VAR-city - "hey y'all,let's head over to th' VAR-city") Enjoy your Friday :)

  4. Interesting! Yes, my hooks in my garage bit the dust. Not cool. Have a great weekend, friend!

  5. Love the pictures on the fridge! Nice homey touches girl! ;)

  6. Michelle, are you using the regular command strips or the velcro? We found the velcro ones worked much better in Katie's dorm room...textured concrete walls and lots of humidity in Texas!! Can't wait to see the gallery wall.

  7. Don't you love how those little tinkering projects make you feel so much better? Looking forward to seeing the gallery wall -- hope you have a great "peaceful" weekend!
    xo Heidi

  8. Command strips/hooks NEVER work for me either! Not even the ones with Velcro. At first I thought it was because the pictures were hung on an outside wall (in our bedroom)...which tends to get cold in the winter and is sheetrock - but the ones I hung on inside walls (wood) ALL ended up falling off! It's nails for me, too! (LOVE your home!) Su

  9. I'm totally a photos on the fridge kinda gal! Everything's looking great!


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