Modern Fried Green Tomato Recipe

Back when I first started my blog (like my third or fourth post!), I shared a classic fried green tomato recipe.  But I'm a Southern girl with lots of tricks up my sleeve and I've got more than one way to skin a cat. Er, fry a green tomato.

I call this a "modern" recipe because it varies from the tried and true flour-crusted tomatoes I grew up with. This sounds totally lame, but I take kind of a "respect the tomato" take on the whole thing. I actually really enjoy the acidic, sharp taste of a green tomato, so in this recipe I try not to mask that flavor too much with a ton of breading. For sure, I love me some fried food, but this approach is a little less fried, a little more 'mater. And probably a lot less fat!


-Japanese panko crumbs
-two large green tomatoes
-one egg
-sea salt
-olive oil


1. Slice the tomatoes. I like big, fat slices of the tomatoes. No skimpy slices for me! 

2. Egg wash the tomatoes. Prepare an egg wash by cracking the egg into the bowl and scrambling. Soak each tomato slice in the wash for a few seconds.

3. Coat the tomatoes in batter. Spread out the panko crumbs on a plate and add in a few dashes of sea salt (which I think is the key secret ingredient!). Rub the egg washed tomatoes in the crumbs to coat each side with the batter. I don't worry about coating the sides of each tomato but really focus on covering the top and bottom.

4. Fry 'em up. Fry each tomato in an olive oil coated pan on medium-high heat for about three minutes per side. The cooking time will vary with your heat setttings and the thickness of the tomato slice.

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh. Said in my best Barry White voice.

In the summer time, tomatoes are a staple around my house, so it's a fun little treat to fry a few up every once in awhile. What about you- any fun ways that you fry up your green tomatoes?!


  1. Yum! Just might have to whip up a batch this weekend.

  2. I've only ever had fried green tomatoes once, and I wasn't a fan. But that was like 15 years ago and I would definitely like to try them again!

  3. This recipe looks really good. I love fried green tomatoes. I can't wait it give it a try.

  4. This is very similar to one of my favorite recipes. I allow myself a splurge once a week during the summer and fried green tomatoes are in my top three. Thanks for reminding me I haven't had them yet this year! I look forward to meeting you at Haven!


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