Scenes From Our Weekend

This weekend, we had one of those weekends with no plans. Literally, not even one plan on the books. It was kind of amazing. There was lots of sleeping in, going to bed early, taking our time and enjoying life. Like I said, after a crazy work week filled with hustle and bustle, it was kind of amazing.

It has seriously been raining here in Atlanta every day for like, a year. Well, more like the last two weeks, but still. Not weather that I'm used to. I'm ready to enjoy some sunny pool or lake days! In between showers this weekend, we had brunch with my brother-in-law at General Muir, which is a super cute deli in Atlanta.

HDawg finally got to play in some sunshine at the park. He was in heaven!

In between rain showers, I also played with my new Lulu & Georgia outdoor rug that I shared here. Unfortunately the new table cloth I bought for the patio furniture didn't work with the rug, so I'm back to square one. But that rug is flyyyyyyyy. I'll tell you what, I love this thing!

Our neighbors brought us over some tomatoes and peppers from their vine. Hellooo fried green 'maters!

We spent the rest of the weekend doing some shopping for David. He rarely shops, but when he does... phew, it's a process. Cough, picky, cough. HDawg and I fell asleep in more than a few fitting rooms.

Oh and I almost forgot... I spent a good part of the weekend getting my party prep on for HDawg's first birthday party! Believe it or not, that's just around the corner at the end of August. Crazy, right? Here's a sneak peek at his invitations.

Don't forget to submit your #tuesdaysattenjune projects for tomorrow! I've already got a great handful of projects I can't wait to share. You can either email them to me at (please put "Tuesdays at Ten June" in the subject line!) or tag them with #tuesdaysattenjune for everyone to see on Instagram.

I hope y'all had a great weekend, as well! Happy Monday.


  1. I am with you girlfriend, so over this rain! Glad you got to get out a bit.

  2. That sounds like a glorious weekend! I cannot wait to submit a project :) I have been working on something for my kids for awhile. Also, I love the striped dress you're wearing while holding your little guy in the dressing room :)

  3. Umm, HDawg is almost one?!? How did that happen so fast! I love no plan wkds, seriously the best kind :)

  4. H is SOOOO cute!!! What a handsome little guy! Sounds like a fun weekend! xo

  5. yes I'm in metro Atl too and this weather is killin mehhh!!! - lol

  6. You can have some of our sun, I'm dying for a bit of rain! Love your dress. details?

  7. The rug is sooo cute! Can't wait to see it! So is Mr. H :)

  8. The invitation reminds me od Chicha Chicka Boom Boom!


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